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VFI Voice: My Ez Fire Check featured in official magazine of the Vintners' Federation of Ireland

Read all about it! My Ez Fire Check is delighted to be featured on the pages of the December 2019 edition of the VFI Voice magazine. Formerly called VFI Update, it is the official magazine of the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland — the national trade organisation for pubs outside the greater Dublin area. It has over 4,000 members.

The publication offers information and advice on a vast range of topics which impact publicans and bar managers. These include licensing laws, employment legislation, planning matters, training, pub design and food. Of course, fire safety is also part of the mix.

My Ez Fire Check in VFI Voice

Across a two page spread, you can read all about the My Ez Fire Check app and the benefits it offers pub owners and managers.

“We’ve met with managers who roll their eyes whenever the topic of fire safety is broached. They don’t realise that fire checks are actually a task which can be completed without expending much effort and time,” Stephen Norman, one of the team at My Ez Fire Check, tells the magazine.

You can read the full feature, along with the rest of this month's magazine, here.

Special Offer

In addition, we are running a special offer for all VFI Voice readers. Find out all the details here. Offer must end on 31 January 2020.

How My Ez Fire Check Can Help

My Ez Fire Check is a proprietary software app that makes it easy for businesses and workplaces to meet their fire safety obligations. Less time is spent completing paper checklists while peace of mind is maintained.

  • Tablet preloaded with the proprietary My Ez Fire Check software package.

  • The checklist is electronically ticked off item by item.

  • If an item fails, the app prompts one to take a picture and provide an explanation.

  • The responsible person signs a digital signature once completed.

  • Users can set alert times.

  • Log history is time-stamped and stored in the cloud, available for inspection any time.

  • The comprehensive digital logs cut down the need for paper files.

  • The app's easy to use features also allow for significant time savings.

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