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  • What is Task Master?
    Task Master is a proprietary software app designed to simplify the fire safety compliance process for businesses and workplaces. The app replaces the paper-based fire register or fire log which organisations would have kept previously. Instead, all the relevant checks are carried out using a device preloaded with the software. All data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed at any time.
  • How does Task Master work?
    The person responsible for checking will carry out the same fire checks as before. However, instead of pen and paper, they just need to carry the device preloaded with the software. The checklist will be completed by holding the device up to unique Task Master tags. These tags will be located at relevant checkpoints throughout the building. The tag will prompt the checker to confirm whether items pass or fail the check. The checker will not be able to complete the check without first scanning the tag with the device. This ensures that all items are actually checked. If any issues arise, the app has the capacity to add additional notes and photographs. Once the check is completed, the checker will sign off using a digital signature.
  • How do I install Task Master?
    Arrangements will be made for an on-site visit, whereby our team will install and setup the software on your premises. In advance of this, you should send on a premises map and an inventory listing that covers all fire safety equipment and features, i.e. fire extinguishers, lighting, fire doors, etc. Providing these in advance will allow for the installation process to take place as smoothly as possible. The installer will walk through the premises and “tag it out”. We provide devices which are already installed with both the Task Master app and NFAC reading capabilities. These devices will update automatically. Desktop access is provided via the website, requiring no software installation.
  • Can I customise Task Master for my specific business needs?
    Yes. During installation, the team will set up the system so that it includes just the checks that you need. The system can be easily updated at a later stage should further checks need to be added. Additionally, there is scope to add non-fire run-of-the mill checks, e.g. cleaning.
  • How intrusive is Task Master?
    The tags themselves are approximately the size of a large postage stamp. They typically blend in with the other fire safety paraphernalia. The software is normally loaded onto a smart phone which can be easily stored at a reception desk, under a bar, etc.
  • What if a scheduled check is missed?
    The Task Master system is set up so that it is virtually impossible for anyone to forget about a scheduled fire check. The app provides regular alerts when checks are due. These will continue until the check has completed. If the check remains uncompleted, the system will send an automated reminder email to management. Management can then follow-up to ensure that the check is carried out.
  • What happens if the internet crashes or I have poor WiFi connectivity?
    There is no need to worry. All checks can still be carried out without access to the internet. The app will track and store information on the completed checks. All data will be immediately uploaded to the cloud once internet connectivity is restored.
  • Is Task Master completely paperless?
    Essentially, yes. All checks are carried out through the app while the data is stored in the cloud. Other relevant documents can also be scanned onto the system. However, should the need arise, reports can be accessed instantly and printed out. There is also the facility to download the data to save as a backup elsewhere.
  • How much does Task Master cost?
    Task Master is a bespoke system customised to meet your needs. To assess costs, we ask that you arrange for an appointment where we can discuss your requirements. There will be a one-off installation fee followed by a monthly subscription cost. For most, the subscription works out to be less than a coffee per day. Fees will vary depending on the size of your business and the amount of premises which will be covered.
  • What is the contract length with Task Master?
    The contract will be rolling, automatically renewing month-on-month. One months’ notice is required for cancellation.
  • Will Task Master provide training?
    Yes. All clients are entitled to a free training session whereby one of our team will run through the system and show staff how it works. Note, Task Master is not a consultancy firm. Our training sessions only cover the usage of the Task Master software.
  • What types of businesses can use Task Master?
    Task Master is suitable for all businesses and workplaces. Many clients work within the hospitality sector – hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. However, the system can be used by offices, datacentres, retail outlets and more.
  • Can check lists be amended once submitted?
    Yes and no. Once the check list has been completed and signed off, it is not possible for the responsible checker to edit the submission. However, admin rights may be granted to management through the desktop site. This is to allow for the rectification of any errors. Alternatively, our support team can amend submissions remotely.
  • Is there a trial period?
    Yes. There is a free trial option for all clients. Usually, this will involve the installation of two or so tags for a set period, e.g. two weeks. Once the client is satisfied with the system, it will be rolled out across the business premises.
  • Is there technical support available?
    Yes. The Task Master staff will always be on hand to deal with any queries or issues you may have in relation to the software. You can phone or email the office directly.
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