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Task Master's Mission

To provide an integrated fire log solution which increases efficiency, accountability and safety for our clients and their stakeholders; giving them the freedom to focus on their real business. We are committed to ensuring that business is conducted in a responsible manner in accordance with all fire safety regulations.

Task Master's Story

Task Master's Story
Task Master was founded in 2018, At this time, the issue of health and safety was becoming more and more important.

Because of this our fire safety software app was born. People don’t want to be bogged down by paperwork and time-consuming checks.
They want reduced admin while remaining accountable to their responsibilities under the law.

With our broader marketing efforts in full swing, we rebranded from My Ez Fire Check to Task Master in January 2023 We now offer a wider scope of tasks including fire checks and maintenance work order’s
With fire health and safety compliance becoming more important than ever, we consistently focus on making improvements to our core product.
We are always pushing to add additional features at no extra cost to make potentially complex tasks manageable and time efficient.

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